How to choose a qualified Brake Shoe?

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1. Qualified coefficient of friction. Friction coefficient is the basic parameter of friction material, which determines the basic braking torque of Brake Shoe. The national standard strictly requires manufacturers to indicate the coefficient of friction on the packaging. The friction coefficient is appropriate, too high will cause the wheels to lock up, lose control of the direction, and burn out during braking; too low will cause the braking distance to be too long.

2. Reliable security. Brake Shoe will generate instant high temperature when braking, especially when driving at high speed or emergency braking. At high temperature, the coefficient of friction of the friction plate will decrease, which is called thermal decay, and the level of thermal decay determines the safety of high temperature and emergency braking.

3. Satisfactory comfort. Comfort is a direct reflection of friction performance, including braking feeling, noise, dust, smoke, smell, etc. With the increase of private cars and the improvement of people's living standards, it is becoming an important indicator of Brake Shoe under the basic premise of satisfying safety.

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