The usage method of the Portable Gas Heater

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The usage method of the Portable Gas Heater is as follows: 1. Read the product instruction manual carefully, do not cover the surface of the Portable Gas Heater with anything, and do not use the Portable Gas Heater upside down. 2. The Portable Gas Heater should be placed in a place that is not easy to touch, such as a corner or near a wall. The back is about 20 cm away from the wall and away from combustibles. 3. The Portable Gas Heater must not be placed directly under the power socket. 4. The room where the Portable Gas Heater is used should have certain insulation conditions and should not have too large vents; it is not advisable to open the doors and windows during use to avoid excessive heat loss. 5. Do not let water and other liquids pour on the heater, otherwise it will cause damage to the heating element, short circuit and leakage. 6. The air inlet and outlet of the convection heater must not be blocked by debris, and a large enough space should be left in front of the heater to facilitate the smooth flow of air and enhance the convection effect. 7. The power plug of the heater should be inserted into the socket when in use, and be sure to pull it out when not in use or when going out. 8. Radiant heaters, such as infrared quartz tube heaters, infrared halogen tube heaters and infrared reflective heaters (also known as small suns), usually have reflectors, which tend to accumulate dust and dirt after a period of use. Will affect the heating effect. If this happens, as long as the dirt on the reflector is removed according to the requirements of the product instruction manual, the heater can resume normal operation. 9. Before cleaning the reflector, the power plug must be pulled out from the power socket. 10. Do not use Portable Gas Heater around bathtubs, showers or swimming pools. 11. The air filter at the air inlet of the forced ventilation heater (heater) should be cleaned regularly to ensure the heating effect.

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