What are the Main Contents of Post Press Processing

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Post press processing technology is also called post printing technology. Strictly speaking, post printing technology is not a technology, it can only be called a method, but in terms of anti-counterfeiting packaging, due to different printing positions, it will directly affect the anti-counterfeiting effect. Therefore, the author believes that post printing (anti-counterfeiting) is a technology with special significance, because the traditional printing will provide opportunities for counterfeiters due to poor management, and secondly, it can not suppress the activities of lawbreakers from the economic aspect. Post printing technology just solves the above two problems.


After the completion of the printing carrier, it is often necessary to design the Post press processing technology according to its objects, such as paper container processing or book binding or surface processing (that is, the post finishing technology project). In the finishing technology of paper containers, composite coating hot printing Coatinging molding is usually used.


This common process is briefly described below.


1. Film laminating.

Before laminating, the quality of the finished paper prints should be strictly checked - because the surface of the film is flat and clean, the hardness and softness, the smoothness of the edges, the speed of drying, the amount of residual solvent, the accuracy and strength of the powder spraying, composite board, and the speed of the laminating machine will directly affect the laminating quality of paper products (such as bubbles and wrinkles).


2. Pad printing.

Although it is second only to hot stamping, it is favored by the printing industry because of its low material cost, continuous batch production, one-time rotary transfer printing and slitting, and less waste edges. The intaglio transfer printing equipment produced in Taiwan mostly uses acrylic resin as the bonding material, gold and silver powder, etc., and directly uses rotary intaglio to print the ink on the PET mold, and then randomly transfers it to the substrate. The appearance of this technology, first, is much cheaper than hot stamping, and second, it can operate continuously by mechanical rotation, but it is better than relief transfer, and slightly inferior to hot stamping.


3. Silk screen printing.

This method is mainly to directly print UV ink or transparent ink on gold card paper or silver card paper (generally used for cigarette and wine box packaging in recent years). Often used as part of the decoration manual or rotary screen screen printing. As the thickness of the screen printing ink film is 1~2 times that of the intaglio pad printing, some units still use the hot stamping technology of copper zinc plate on anodized aluminum. Some also use varnish or ink blending oil to print Spring Festival couplets. Afterwards, the anodized aluminum surface is pasted flat on the surface, pressed onto the flat plate, and when the varnish or ink blending oil is completely dry, it is uncovered, showing the same hot stamping quality as hot stamping. [next]


4.  Hot stamping.

This is a production method that has been used for nearly half a century. The temperature, pressure and speed control of hot stamping determine the quality of hot stamping. After hot stamping, it is usually required that the image and text do not change color, do not fade, and so on. Although the work efficiency of hot stamping is lower than that of rotary transfer printing, it has the incomparable advantages of pad printing and silk printing in terms of small pieces of printing, especially for live parts (photos), which cannot be replaced by other methods.


5. Coating.

Coating paper products should be selected according to the use of Coating (paint paste). In 2003, Wuhan Jinlong Cigarette Factory imported two high-speed labelers (twice as many as the traditional one, and the temperature has almost increased by 50 degrees). When the traditional alcohol soluble cigarette package ink and varnish were used, due to the influence of speed or temperature, the ink on the trademark could not be properly labeled due to the migration of ink and the stickback of varnish, and the rate of authentic products was less than 70%. After the improvement of printing ink and varnish, normal production can be carried out. At the same time, the UV glazing of the cigarette box should leave a blank position at the joint of the two sides to avoid unstable cementation.


6. Molding.

Under appropriate pressure, the indentation position of packaging paper products should be accurate, and the focus of its technology is the precision of the template. There are also paper prints made by air printing calendering, frosting, ice flowers, etc., which are also favored by consumers.


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