Cixing Was Selected As "National Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation"

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Recently, the Office of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee issued the "Letter on Printing and Distributing the First Batch of Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstations in 2022". It is reported that this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security changed the assessment method of the new station unit from the original unified organization to the filing model. As a new post-doctoral workstation, Cixing has also become one of the first 62 national stations that have passed the filing system.

Cixing is committed to improving the technical level of knitting machinery, promoting the development of knitting technology and processing, and realizing the intelligent upgrading of the knitting industry. It is an enterprise with independent research and development and continuous technological innovation in the intelligent knitting machinery industry. It is the drafting unit of two national knitting machinery industry standards and masters the core technology of intelligent knitting machinery. The main products are Steiger Computerized Flat Knitting Machine, High Speed Shoe Upper Flat Knitting Machine, etc.

This time, Cixing was approved to set up a postdoctoral scientific research workstation, which is the country's affirmation of the company's technological innovation, technological research and development, and high-end R&D talent training. The company will focus on this, continue to deepen cooperation with universities and research institutes, promote the integration of production, learning and research, and introduce high-level innovative R&D talents.

The establishment of the Cixing National Post-Regional Scientific Research Workstation will promote the company to realize the precise docking of "high-end intelligence" and "industrialization", further enhance the company's independent research and development capabilities and technological innovation capabilities, and help the company tackle key technical problems and scientific research achievements Transformation, and continuously improve the company's sustainable development strength, comprehensive competitiveness and brand influence. Realize the multi-win of scientific and technological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits!

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