The difference between bath crayons and ordinary crayons

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There are actually too many differences between bath crayons and ordinary crayons.

1. In addition to the tiles, bath crayons can also be used to paint on glass, mirrors, bathtubs, and even your own body skin, allowing children to find fun in games, and when painting on the surface of the skin, it can be used Just rinse with soap and water.

When the clothes are stained, use the normal washing method; if you need to achieve the best cleaning effect, you can immediately soak in hot water for 1~2 hours when the clothes are stained, and then wash with a neutral detergent.

2. Crayons are different. In addition to wax, some crayons are made of chalk or charcoal.

If oily chalk is used as the raw material, it is called oil pastel (oil pastel); if the pigments are combined purely in a dry manner, it is ordinary pastel (powder pastel).

Crayon has no permeability and is fixed on the screen by adhesion. It is not suitable to use too smooth paper or board, nor can it obtain composite colors through repeated superposition of colors.

However, through light rubbing or thick coating and the contrast between colors, crayon paintings can also receive rich and bright, calm and thick artistic effects.

In addition, crayon drawings can also be directly artistically shaped through freely mastered thick and thin strokes, resulting in a highly generalized artistic image with a special childish aesthetic feeling. It is an ideal tool for children to learn color painting, and some painters use it for sketching and color recording.

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