Crew Neck Knitting Sweater

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Cixing computerized flat knitting machine produces the Crew Neck Knitting Sweater.Cixing based on independent innovation and caring service, guided by the continuous development and change of market demand, Cixing made a wholly-owned acquisition on the top three global computer knitting machines in 2010, Switzerland Steiger,

Cixing Crew Neck Knitting Sweater machine NEW HP serious single carriage with double system roller models can be selected from the comb, using Hengqiang integrated system.Newest cixing Crew Neck Knitting Sweater machine It can meet your different requirements according to your needs with ultra-high cost performance.The Crew Neck Knitting Sweater knitted by Cixing flat knitting machine has a variety of beautiful patterns, including cable, swelling, structure, intarsia , pointel, structure, and plate, etc.Beautiful Crew Neck Knitting Sweater are produced by good machines and by good flat knitting machines.

Cixing have a very professional training, after-sales, service and other teams will serve you, can help you solve all the difficulties in the field of computer flat machine.Choosing Cixing will bring you the best service and experience.


Single carriage with dual system roller models can be selected from the comb, using Hengqiang integrated system.

Full motor 5.2-inch ultra-small carriage, motorized transfer cam, rapid return, carriage does not wait when transfer needles, double racking, effectively reducing carriage route and course, greatly improving machine stability and efficiency.

Dynamic stitch function, which can realize multi segment stitch knitting in the same course(one course can support 256 changing areas), without break up the course, increase pattern design diversification, can realize different knitting stitch with different knitting area in the same course; The stitch fine adjustment function on both sides can effectively solve the problem of different length of fabric and increase the flatness of fabric.

  • Full Cam Motorized Carriage

    With the full cam motorized super small carriage, the cam knit, tuck, transfer actions are controlled by motors, greatly reducing the cam failure rate. The carriage systems are cooperated with optimized course to have shorter return distance, faster return speed, truly achieving high-speed, efficient and stable production.

  • Display Screen

    It adopts industry LCD displayer with graphic touch control, multi color, time monitoring function. The data of knitting amount, time, speed, roller, density, yarn carrier, etc. is clearly shown and can be adiusted in the proless.

  • Stitch Motor

    With dynamic stitch function, using high speed stepping motor, milti stitch function can be achieved in one line.

  • Servo Motor

    Using CANI communication control, can achieve the rapid return and direction changing of the machine carriage, accurate positioning, smooth commutation.

  • Motorized Inversion Bar

    Driven by motor connecting rod, reversing more accurately.

  • Yarn Storage

    Yarn Storage could reduce resistance while the yarn is moving, is suitable for fabric with lack of elasticity and brittle fabric such as cashmere yarn, rabbit hair yarn.

  • Intelligent Comb

    No waste yarn to knit the fabric bottom, save the machine knitting waste yarn time, reduces the workload of employees. It greatly reduces the enterprise cost. The main yam lead is equipped with a yarn pressing device, so the main yarn lead wire is short, which saves the main yarn and reduces the phenomenon of poor doth dropping and fabric winding caused by the long lead head. Servo closed-loop control is used to accurately control the pulling of the comb, it solve the two different density problems which caused by rib fabric pulling by comb and pulling by roller. The pulling force is more uniform, the fabric effect is better, and the fabric bottom is more beautiful. 5-12G optional.

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